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via. Gallup tells me my number 1 strength is “Futuristic.” So here I am. Trying to plan–not only how this week will look, oh no. But how I think my life should look. Right here in my “career notebook” (no joke) I have lists for my lists. How this new sewing machine will now be … Continue reading


Inspiration 01

Throughout the day, I occasionally stumble across some interesting, disturbing, mind-boggling or beautiful things on the internet. I put them all in a draft in Gmail entitled “Inspiration #__” throughout the whole week so I can remember all the cool stuff I find! Sometimes I kind of mini-journal in it too (I took those out … Continue reading


email #4284

There’s a question on my desk this week that’s been helping me see more clearly whenever I’m having difficulties: “How will I love more and fear less today?” It’s the simple yet incredible power that each human being possesses: love and fear. Quiet your fear, illuminate your love and things will probably turn out pretty … Continue reading


ear candy / 03

RAWWRRRR! Now that Sally’s Spotify is back and fully functioning (thanks, work computer!), I’ve been all over the map listening to some new tunes. Here are a few recent staples: Parov Stelar || I have absolutely no idea how I stumbled across this Austrian, but I’ve been seriously jamming to the electric swing. So much … Continue reading


paradise dreams

  I’m mentally preparing for winter (already, I know I’m crazy, but it’s a necessary part of life in Minnesota!), and this tropics-infused backpack is tempting for a warm weather contradiction in the depths of winter. Part of the Master-piece Co x Nowartt 4 collaboration // via Ssense Continue reading