Holiday Gift Guide: From Minnesota With Love

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It’s true. I dig my state. So much, in fact, that I’ve gathered up all of my favorite, beautiful tokens made in the Northland to present (yet another) holiday gift guide for the Minnesota-lover in your life.

AKA Sally’s Wishlist.

Take a look at my collection on nuji. And while you’re at it, here’s an introduction to Minnesota hip hop playlist (which is naturally complements every temperature) to get you in the cold weather spirit.

peace friends.




Gallup tells me my number 1 strength is “Futuristic.”

So here I am. Trying to plan–not only how this week will look, oh no. But how I think my life should look. Right here in my “career notebook” (no joke) I have lists for my lists. How this new sewing machine will now be an indicator of my future career as a designer. How this old boy and I will become something greater than what we were in the past. How I can achieve success in both action and morality. How this job will mean something in the end.

And then I laugh.

Because I have about as much control as an earthquake. And all I can do is listen to my life speak and follow outrageously where it tells me to go.

Cheers to putting analysis on pause and this emotional, juicy heart of mine on go.

Inspiration 01

Throughout the day, I occasionally stumble across some interesting, disturbing, mind-boggling or beautiful things on the internet. I put them all in a draft in Gmail entitled “Inspiration #__” throughout the whole week so I can remember all the cool stuff I find! Sometimes I kind of mini-journal in it too (I took those out this week–too heavy!), so it can really get to be quite poetic.

But I thought I might as well start sharing these lil nuggets of fun. Take a peak at what excited me last week:

Good luck this week, world. Knock ‘em dead.

email #4284

There’s a question on my desk this week that’s been helping me see more clearly whenever I’m having difficulties: “How will I love more and fear less today?” It’s the simple yet incredible power that each human being possesses: love and fear. Quiet your fear, illuminate your love and things will probably turn out pretty great.
There’s no going back. We can only move forward with confidence and faith that this is exactly where we need to be right now. So celebrate life for the sake of life tonight! Because you’re really fucking good at it once you stop thinking about who or what is not there.

ear candy / 03


Now that Sally’s Spotify is back and fully functioning (thanks, work computer!), I’ve been all over the map listening to some new tunes. Here are a few recent staples:

ear candy 03

Parov Stelar || I have absolutely no idea how I stumbled across this Austrian, but I’ve been seriously jamming to the electric swing. So much so that I’ve decided to pick up swing dancing as a new expression of my inner glee. Be sure to take a look at his music videos too. The few I’ve seen are real real fun.

Rhythm Lab Radio - RadioMilwaukee || The cold hard truth: when I’m looking for new music, this is what I go to first. Always. Tarik Moody never fails to find some seriously stellar new tracks. I only aspire to be half as much of the music sage that he is.

CocoRosie || A recent cool and cozy wind-down to let  feelings wash over you while you take a minute to just be. “By Your Side”  and “Werewolf” are adorable personal favorites. Love rings awkward throughout.

STS – WWW feat. Count Justice || “All I know is women, weed and what to wear.” (<– me, basically)

Welcome to Minneapolis.

It’s true.

I finally made the move to the big(ger) city.

My 70s style red collegiate Schwinn bike is my sole mode of transportation.

So I feel pretty lucky that it’s my preferred mode of transportation.

I have neighbors.

I have a place  to grow.

And I’m growing. I really am.

With the recent relocation, a few friends of mine and I are beginning to devise what I like to call “Salon Mondays,” which, in essence, is the revitalization of the 17th and 18th century salons that were these kinds of knowledge parties or “exchange of ideas” hubs that got everyone thinking about how the world worked and how it could be better. They typically took place in coffeeshops or women’s salons (living rooms) and were a HUGE component of the scientific revolution (and other, bloodier revolutions). So why not see what we can stir up in our own little neighborhood? Salon Monday is a melange of post-collegiates discussing relevant topics outside of academia and anyone else who wants to join. PLUS it’s a really good reason to buy wine + cheese from Surdyk’s down the street and have a great time gettin’ down, being our true awesome selves and learning from one another.

Most people think I’m crazy for dreaming this up, but I know at least two who will be at our home this Monday, devising ways to bring the 18th century into the 21st. How we’ll do it? That’s a bit TBD.

But we’re doin’ it.

If y’all have any topic ideas, toss them at me. Our list currently consists of “Flora,” and not much else.. So really. Toss your ideas at me. Aim for the temple. Help us out and come to our Salon nights. Bring an open mind and a bottle of wine. Chat your heart out. Be your infinite self.

We got nothing but love and words.